Why your Hair is Dry and What You Can do About It

Moisture is your friend

Moisture is your friend

As a natural hair consultant the biggest challenge that my clients face is dry hair. Dryness is a battle that makes or breaks your hair…literary.  When your hair is dry:

  • it is susceptible to breakage. This hinders any hair growth goals that you have.
  • it’s more difficult to manage. You get knots, frizziness and split ends.
  • It’s more difficult to style. Any attempts at styling comes out looking like a disheveled ’80s afro wig.

As a victim of dry hair. Here is what I was doing wrong:

I was not deep conditioning enough-Deep condition, deep condition, deep condition….that should be the mantra of naturalista wanting healthy hair. This is because deep condition allows moisture to penetrate into the hair shaft. Without getting into too many details, deep condition simply means applying generous amounts of moisturizing conditioner or conditioning treatment (you can mix it with your favourite oil) on your hair, covering your hair with a cap and letting the product penetrate the hair shaft for no less than 30-40 mins on a weekly basis after shampooing your hair. I guarantee that if you deep condition your hair at least once a week, half of your hair problems solved.

I was drying my hair with a towel instead of a t-shirt. When your hair is wet, it is delicate and soft. When you use a towel to dry your hair, the grooves in the towel rub against the cuticles and removes moisture in your hair and will leave your hair frizz Swap your towel or an old T-shirt which as a flat surface and will absorb only excess moisture. When your hair is wet, simply wrap your hair turban-style and let the t-shirt soak in the excess water. This shouldn’t take more than 10 mins. You can also put product and then wrap your t-shirt.

I was shampooing too often with sulfate shampoo. Unless you are using products with mineral oil or silicones avoid using sulfate shampoo. A shampoo with sodium lauryl sulphate as an ingredient, will strip the hair of protein and weaken it further. A good sulfate free-shampoo will leave your hair clean, soft and moisturized.. Try using a sulfate-free shampoo or co-wash with a conditioner every other week.

My hair was too processed. Relaxed or colored, any chemical strips hair of their natural oils and leave the strands prone to dryness. Stick to the mantra of deep conditioner in order to reduce the chances of breakage. I now use henna to colour my hair.

My hair was damaged by heat. Unless you are deep conditioning, any form of direct heat onto your hair strand will damage the hair. Avoid straighteners, flat irons or blowdryers.

The weather was drying out your hair. Extreme temperatures are not kind to natural hair. As it gets more dry, your hair will will lose more water and result in dry brittle hair prone to breakage. You may need to change your hair regime to include a humectant as the air gets drier.

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