Why did I embrace my natural hair?

My background story I went natural in 2014, just before I got pregnant with my daughter. I embraced natural hair because I didn’t feel confident in my relaxed ends. I tried other hairstyles, weaves, and braids. They were great. They were time savers, they gave my hair personality, and they were convenient. However, they could be expensive. They could backfire. Sometimes that weave was so tight that I would go, They still require maintenance.I was always scared that they had a smell, especially after clubbing and feeling conscious again. They damage hair even more if you go the cheaper route, i.e., your local “kibanda” salon route, where the stylist has just graduated from 3, and went to hair school for 3 months. When there was a unique occasion, like a wedding, or corporate event, I had to go to the salon as well. So, after feeling frustrated and thinking, “My life can’t be like this. 

Oh, did I mention the hours you spend on a weekend or weekday trying to get your hair done? Man,, I hated that too. I wanted a better quality of life for myself. I wanted to spend time doing other things, not compete with the other ladies for the only shampoo sink in the salon, and then if I didn’t go to the salon, i.e., my busy weekends. 

I would then get Sunday anxiety and walk into the office feeling self-conscious and edgy because my hair was messy. I would beat myself up about how I hadn’t gone to the salon and what a terrible person I was because I spent time with my friends and rested. It didn’t feel healthy at all.  

I also hated the exorbitant amount of money I spent on my hair. Every month, I was spending over 3,000 on hair that I didn’t even like. 

I also hated seeing other women with “my look”. I had this great curly weave. 

I wanted my own natural, unique hair look. And the only way I could have that was to have my own natural hair. 


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