What I Eat to keep my Natural Hair Vibrant

For Natural Hair Growth, eat healthily source:healthywellness.com
source: healthwellness.com

For Natural Hair Growth, eat healthily

No amount of product on your hair can make up for poor dietary choices.

This is because 91% of your hair is made up of protein and these building blocks of hair, skin and nails can only be gotten from within through the food we eat. If we eat the wrong foods it will not just reflect in our skin but also in our hair.  Sebum the natural oil conditioner that keeps your scalp healthy is produced from what we eat.

Without eating the right foods, our hair cannot grow and worse still, without a healthy balanced diet, our hair can fall off, never to be replaced….if we don’t eat right.

Whether you are relaxed, in transition or natural , make sure you are getting the right nutrition:

Dark Green vegetables produce natural oil, sebum which is your natural hair and skin moisturizer.

Beans to promote hair growth . They have iron, zinc, biotin

Nuts that contain selenium. They will leaves hair shiny.

Chicken. Itis high in protein. This will prevent your hair from getting brittle.

Eggs are also rich in protein, biotin, vitamin B12 and promotes hair growth.

Carrots and Sweet potatoes. Theyare rich in beta-carotene that converts to Vitamin A. Vitamin A is what keeps your scalp healthy.

Nutrients that will result in thick, luscious curls are:

Essential fatty acids that increase nutritional absorption at the hair follicle. They are also essential for hair cell growth and they prevent hair loss. Foods with essential fatty acides are avocado, cod liver oil, eggs.

Collagen. It surrounds the hair follicles and prevents dry brittle hair and dandruff. In time collagen breaks down and needs to be replaced. Eating foods rich in vitamin C will replace the lost collagen on your hair. Foods packed with Vitamin C are Pawpaw, tomatoes, peas, dark green vegetables, green bell peppers.

Biotin, a part of the Vitamin B complex, it encourages hair growth, scalp health. Foods such as eggs, nuts, peanut butter, milk, meat are rich in Biotin.

Iron, the most common micro nutrient deficiency in women, contributes to the elastin in your hair. If you don’t have enough your hair will break off. Eat foods such as eggs, liver, red meat, tuna to avoid depleting your stores of iron.

Magnesium. It isnecessary for hair growth. Eat leafy green vegetables, yoghurt, dark chocolate and fish to replenish magnesium levels.

Vitamin B Complex. Biotin (Vitamin B7),Thiamin(B1), Riboflavin(B2), Niacin (B3) provide proper nourishment for the hair follicles. Pantothenic acid (B5) gives elasticity and shine

Pyridoxine (B6) prevents dandruff

The good news is that there are alot of foods available that are rich in Vitamin B complex: lentils, legumes, cabbage, eggs, avocados, yoghurt, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Silica. It aids in collagen manufacture. Foods rich in silica are-bananas, beer, whole grain bread, corn flakes, mineral water.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). Is a naturally occurring form of sulfur that plays a strong role in hair growth. It’s required for healthy collagen and keratin building of the hair.

Vitamin E. This micro nutrient nourishes damaged hair by aiding the body’s ability to manufacture keratin in the hair strand.

Zinc promotes cell reproduction, tissue growth and repair. It also prevents hair loss and strengthens hair.

Vitamin D, also known as, the sunshine vitamin results an important role in the hair growth. Spend time in the sun, eat tuna, egg yolk and cod liver oil to replenish this nutrient.

Selenium will strengthen your hair strands. Foods rich in selenium are tuna, salmon, chicken and eggs.

Other dietary factors that can affect the health of your hair are:

Water On a daily basis we lose water through sweat, skin evaporation and detoxification. Keep drinking water to remain hydrated. Water also regulates your circulatory system, feeding your hair follicles essential nutrients for healthy thick luscious hair. Drinking enough water (8-10 glasses) will also help you  get rid of dandruff and reduce hair thinning.

Crash diets and rapid weight loss will result in hair loss. Try to eat healthily and exercise to lose weight and maintain healthy hair growth.

Drinking alcohol dehydrates your hair scalp and prevents nutrients from reaching the base of the hair follicles.

Smoking thins your hair, restricts blood vessels and hampers blood circulation. It also contributes to premature graying of hair.

Medicines also play a strong role in your hair growth-drugs for hypertension, birth control, anabolic steroids slows down hair growth and thins hair.

Junk food has little or no nutrients. Eating large amounts of junk food will lead to nutritional deficiencies and hence hair loss. They also contain toxins that your body will work overtime in trying to remove from your body.

Genetics, age and hormones will always play a part in hair growth but at least you can control one natural hair factor-what you eat. Stick to a well-balanced diet to achieve your hair goals.

So are you ready to start on your natural hair journey?Do you want to transition to natural hair but you don’t know where to start?



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