Want to grow out your Relaxed Hair and Go Natural?Read this….

Started transitioning 😛

I transitioned in May 2014 for 6 months, during that time, I felt anxious.

How ‘ugly’ will my natural hair look? how would I manage it? what products would I use? what is my hair type? how would I style my hair? what people are going to say? Is my boss going to comment?..these were the questions that crossed my mind as I transitioned.

When I stopped relaxing my hair I did not see myself as ‘transitioning’ I saw it as- me giving my hair a break from chemicals as an attempt to save my receding hairline.I was working in an e-commerce company where “Google could be my friend” at lunchtimes [wink, wink] that’s when I found out Transitioning is internet natural hair speak for growing out your relaxed ends.

I planned to grow out my hair for a year but I got tired of my hair being in limbo. One-third of my hair was natural and healthy, the other two-thirds was weak, breaking, over-processed and with split ends. Eeuuuccchhh…I couldn’t stand looking at the difference in texture on my hair strands. Also, all that weaving and the braiding I was doing was breaking and weakening my hair further.

The transition felt like an easy way to go natural. It gave me time to grow into the mentality of having natural hair. I had also done a lot of research/reading on natural hair. I knew what products to get, to try out and I really needed a change by the time i trimmed my ends I was excited at going natural and couldn’t wait to try out products.


Nowadays it’s also a lot easier to transition because there are a lot of products to try out, there are also natural hair stylists, local natural hair bloggers, friends and products that will support you as you transition.





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