Thinking to Big Chop and have natural hair?… All the Useful Tips You will ever need

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Big chop or the BC is the act of cutting all of your processed hair to leave your beautiful natural healthy hair. It’s the quickest way to go natural, an alternative to long term transitioning and is considered a milestone in having natural hair

Ive big chopped twice. The first time I did it i relaxed my hair thereafter 🙁 before I big chopped I knew I wanted a change and i wasn’t happy with my processed hair but when i did big chop…i felt good i felt great then i panicked…”what’s next?” So out of sheer panic i relaxed it 🙁 the second time i big chopped i was ready. I understood what I was doing, I knew what I wanted and I knew how to go about it. I’ve never looked back. Also it’s safe to say, I have a few ideas on how to get it right but also an expert of how to get it wrong.

#1. Research, plan and then research some more. It’s an awesome time to bigchop to natural hair because there is so much information out there on having healthy natural hair.

#2. Choose a muse 

Sanaa Lathan source: Google
Solange Knowles source: Google

#2. Be Prepared-Ask friends, stylist and other curlies for advice, their experience, products etc. Talk to spouse, family or friends to gauge their reactions but don’t be discouraged by negative reactions. If this is something you want to do, then go for it

#3. Transition for a while. I trasitioned for 5 months, to get a little growth before I big chopped. If you cant see yourself big chopping try switching it up to extensions or at least braids or cornrows to give your hair a break and for you to have more time to build up the confidence to cut your hair. I also used this time to learn and try out products that enhanced managed curl pattern and control frizz when I eventually big chopped. Also practice the LOC method as you are transitioning.

#4. Hydrate, hydrate -incorporate coconut and castor oil into leave-in conditioner and hydrate like its going our of style-Umm yes, you can still break hair while short, so keep on hydrating with a moisturizing conditioner. The curlier your hair, the tighter your coil curl pattern the more intense hydration needs to be.

#5. Get a great stylist who will support you on your journey. The second time I big chopped I got a stylist to cut my hair. A stylist can help you transition longer. The stylist should also be able to give you a proper hair cut i.e. cut out the relaxed ends Ask to see pictures of their work. 

#6. You can decide to have a tapered cut. Honestly I wish I could have had a tapered cut. A tapered cut looks sexy, helps you have a more feminine edge and highlights your cheekbones

source: Google

#7.You dont have to be super drastic. You can trim it it a little at a time as you get used to seeing your natural hair

#8.Snap a before and after picture 

#9.Just Do It! You hair will grow back. Most women find it freeing, liberating.

#10.Enjoy your Big Chop moment. Natural hair is a journey and your hair will grow faster than you think so don’t overthink it. There will be good days when you love your hair, there will be tough days when you hate it…that is will all hair. so have some fun…budget for some awesome hair accessories, statement earrings, buy makeup that highlights your cheekbones etc


Source: Google

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