Natural Hair: Reason I went Natural


There is no right or wrong reason for growing out your natural hair. It just has to feel right.  As I explain below my reasons for converting to natural hair. I hope they resonate with you as you embark on your own natural hair journey.

#1. My values and principles changed

Core values are fundamental beliefs that dictate your life. We are who we are and do what we do because of our values. I had a paradigm shift in my life and I wanted to be authentic, honest and true to myself. The minute I started being comfortable from the inside, the outside wanted to change to truly reflect what I felt inside that I’m a proud African woman.

#2. I wanted to live life fully

Having a relaxed hair sometimes felt like a prison to me. I couldn’t swim because I was afraid my hair would break also it looked like a hot mess afterwards. I couldn’t go to the gym because my curls would unravel and lie flat. I had to go always go to a salon even at odd hours in order to get my hair (all you relaxed girls can relate) when I had to attend a special occasion.

When removing my braids or  weave extensions, I constantly worry about a receding hairline, sometimes even losing sleep 😛

#3. I wanted hair growth

When I was on the ‘creamy crack’ my hair was very long but as time went by my hair got shorter and shorter ;-( This was due to chemicals. I hated the fact that no matter how many deep conditioning treatments I did, my hair stopped growing. I needed to do something drastic to stop this meaningless cycle. When I turned to my natural black  hair even doing nothing resulted in hair growth.

#4. I wanted to stop believing the lie

I was born in the eighties. During this time  there was an influx of Western culture. In addition, my parents were raised during the colonial era. After independence, those who ‘assimilated’ were more successful in life. As a result of both these mentalities, I ended up believing natural hair is ‘ugly and ‘low-class’. Fitting in was more important and standing out. Now I know better.

#5. It was cheaper

In as much as you may come across expensive hair products it still doesn’t beat the cost of maintaining processed hair. On average I would spend Kshs. 5000 per month on managing my relaxed hair on products, service, braids, weaves. I shudder to think how much I could have saved if I had started my natural hair journey earlier 😛

With the basic products of water, coconut oil, castor oil your natural hair can be healthy and happy and so will your wallet.

#6. I wanted to accept myself the way I am.

Growing my natural hair forced me to accept and love myself. First of all, I big chopped. This means I had a TWA for quite a while and I was forced to realize that beauty was not just defined by my hair. Then I had to accept my texture and unique curl pattern. Accepting myself the way I am gave me even more confidence.

#7. I wanted to be healthy from head to toe

Wanting to be healthy was slowly becoming a priority. I was eating a balanced diet, trying to exercise more than three times a week, so now what?Hmmm…why not stop putting chemicals in my hair.

So am I in Church right now?Can I get an Amen?What would be your reasons to go natural?

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