Here are 7 of my favourite go-to Natural Hair Tools

Natural hair tools

They save my life every day!

Times have changed and having black hair in its natural state is super acceptable but it’s still a struggle managing your natural hair at home. I remember one time when my hair was super messy and the next day I had a work photoshoot. I was definitely stressed about how I would.

Natural Hair tool no1 is My hands

My hands are these are probably the best, convenient tools at your disposal, helpful in detangling, scrunching in your curl product, applying your leave-in conditioner, doing your twists, braid-outs, lift your roots to add more volume…Don’t underestimate the power of your hands.

Natural Hair tool no2 is Duck Clips

Duck clips make it easy to section my hair when doing braid-outs, twist outs or applying deep conditioner.

Natural Hair tool no. 3 is a Good quality Natural hair brush

A good brush helps me get the product on every section and neaten the edges as the final touch to your hair. I find that after applying the gel, brushing my hair brings out the natural texture of my curls.

Natural Hair tool no. 4 is lots and lots of Bobby Pins

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When uninspired in the morning I usually pick up a hairpin and pin up a section of my hair, then I pick up another one and do the same and then I pick another one and do the same….I continue doing this until I get a style that makes me feel confident.

Natural Hair tool no. 5 is Scrunchies as many as you can

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Satin and velvet scrunchies are super life savers especially if your hair has a little more lenght. It provides the perfect framework for a bun or any updo. Whenever Im in a hurry I put my hair in a scrunchie and go ‘on about my day

Natural Hair tool no. 6 is a Silky Satin Scarf

I wrap a satin scarf to flatten down my edges. make my hair shiny. I usually tie the scarf for 5 mins or more as after getting styling as Im getting dressed in the morning.

Natural Hair tool no. 7 is a Natural Hair Diffuser

Diffusers are a lifesaver when you have to dry your hair real quick. Having a diffuser has saved my hairstyling countless times after I’ve washed my hair and needed it to dry fast. They give a good stretch without having to compromise your natural curls. I usually comb through the hair with gel before using diffusing.

Sooooo…in summary, these tools don’t have to be bought at once. There just a few things I bought in time as my natural hair grew longer. I promise the natural hair police is not going to come knocking on your door if you haven’t bought all these items. However they are a help in terms of managing your natural hair.


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