Natural Hair Journey: The Tools You will Need

The best part of having natural hair is the low cost of investment when taking care of it. You only require a few simple tools to help you maintain your hair care.
#1. Your hands more specifically fingers are great for detangling, applying product and even styling.
#2. Plastic cap going for about Kshs 200 or less comes in handy when deep conditioning your hair. It allows you to go about doing other things while your hair is busy absorbing moisture and strenghthening itself. Also great when showering on no-poo days.
#3. Butterfly clips-As your hair grows, you can use butterfly clips for sectioning your hair as you
 style it or apply product.
#4. Spray bottle-Goes for about Kshs. 300 or less in beauty product stores. We all know that for your hair to grow you got to keep it moistened. Use water with a few drops of castor/coconut oil to your dry ends in the morning and at nightr
#5. Satin scarf/bonnet-Goes for about Kshs. 300 or less. Prevents you from waking up to a bad frizzy hair day.
#6. Old t-shirt-Free…err just pick one out of your closet to dry your hair. Normal towels will leave your hair frizzy and prone to breakage.
#7. Afro-comb-Depending on size plastic hair picks go for Kshs 100 or less. They help when styling.Lifting up your afro.
#8. Scissors-They can be a bit pricey Kshs. 450 or less. You might need them if you are transitioning because you need to keep trimming your processed ends. Trimming with normal paper scissors will result in split ends so don’t try it.
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