Natural Hair Journey : 5 mistakes I made in the beginning


Natural hair is a journey not a destination. Naturally along  the journey you will make a few mistakes. Can you relate to the mistakes I’ve made?

Mistake #1. Not going natural sooner

The minute I realized I needed to go natural I hesitated for six months out of fear. if you want to go natural don’t overthink it, just stop processing your hair. This is a conscious decision you will need to be make over and over again but it get’s easier and will slowly result in you embarking on your natural hair journey.

Mistake #2. I neglected my hair…sometimes

I think my hair would be a whole lot longer if I hadn’t neglected it sometimes. On weekends sometimes it would sit coarse and dry on my head. As your hair grows it still needs detangling, deep conditioning, moisture retention, protein treatment etc make it stronger, healthier and more manageable.

Mistake #3. I kept obsessing my hair length

When I first went natural I obsessed over the length of my afro. I would get a tape measure and check length every three weeks. How crazy was that? If there was no difference I would then change my hair regimen immediately. When first embarking on this journey, set realistic hair goals. Work on ensuring your hair is happy and healthy, the growth will come.

Mistake #4. I of course turned into a product junkie.

This is a phase I think most naturlistas go through.There are many different natural hair products out there and it’s okay to experiment, however don’t go crazy. For a while there, I had like 6 different brands of hair gel. I was obsessed with discovering ‘perfect’ curl. Every month I would look for a different product to try out.

Some of your experiments will be valid, like finding a good shampoo that won’t leave your hair dry?what’s a good curl definer, a cream or a gel? which works better coconut or olive oil?How do I use castor oil?These experiments are good they help you understand your hair texture, what it likes, what it doesn’t like etc. However it’s important not to go overboard. To see the full effect of a product on your hair use it for three months, without introducing a new product.

Mistake #5. I took this hair thing way too seriously

Some days I would go to work, disappointed at the outcome of a hairstyle I had watched being done on Youtube. I would get discouraged, ‘maybe this natural thing ain’t for me’. As my hair grew healthy, I got over it.

At the end of the day, it’s just hair. There’ll be good hair days and there’ll be bad hair days. Don’t take it too seriously. and don’t kill yourself over it-Find a regiment that works for you, have fun and embrace your natural ‘fro because going natural is all about embracing your black hair and in turn embracing life, not the other way round.

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