Kenyan Curl:How to Avoid Natural Hair Knots, Tangles, and Breakage are

My hair has grown from TWA  to shoulder length and, although it’s been an exciting rewarding journey, it has had a few bumps along the way. One hurdle has been knots, tangles and split ends but I figured out the secret and it resulted in soft and easy manageable hair. Here’s how I did it:

 #1. I learnt (and still learning) my hair

My hair has her own personality…she has two different textures and she does not like to go for more than a week without a wash. She likes curling cremes but gels give her a better curl definition. She only likes castor oil after a wash and she feels soft and pretty after a weekly protein treatment.

Your hair has it’s own personality as well. You may not need a protein treatment every week but you may need a moisturizing treatment every other week. Your hair may prefer a co-wash rather than a shampoo. It’s all about experimentation and feeling the effect on your hair. Has what you’ve done left your hair soft and manageable?

#2. I deep condition

DCs are important to your natural hair because daily activities leave  hair dry and thirsty for moisture-a deep conditioning replenishes this lost moisture and prevents knots, tangles and breakage. If you are not DCing and are experiencing hard, dry brittle hair, start now to make your hair easy to manage.

#3. I finger detangle

I stopped using combs and brushes in the last three months. I only brush when Im trying to neaten my afro puff, and I only focus on the new hair at the bottom not the ends.  If your hair is having breakage, then start finger detangling for three months and check out the outcome. It is also not advisable to finger detangle when wet-that is when natural hair is at it’s most weakest, instead finger detangle when you’ve put alot of product e.g. oil,  conditioner, treatment etc. Work from the bottom of the ends to remove tangles and work all the way to the scalp.

#4. I try to avoid heat

I’ll be honest, I found it quite easy to let go of heat, after I went natural because I had a TWA. There was nothing really there to blow dry anyway but as your hair grows it’s tempting to blowdry for length check. However if you want to resist dry ends and damage to your natural curls, resist the urge to use dry direct heat weekly basis.Heat makes your hair dry, brittle and prone to split ends.

#5. I changed up my hair regime

When I first went natural, my hair regime was pretty much a wash and go but as the ends grow longer they are the most delicate since they are the oldest. To maintain these ends I needed a change of hair regimen this meant protein/moisturizing/hot oil treatments, co-washing etc.

To maintain your delicate ends you may need to change up your hair regimen. It may sigh!i dare to say it, a little longer to maintain your long natural tresses.

#6. My hair has a new friend, her name is Glycerine

The first time I used glycerine. My hair became sticky, greasy and frizzy 🙁 I said never again and put the bottle on the backshelf but then I was inspired by a group of curlfriends. It turns out I had put too much product the first time 😛

The next time was better. I used glycerine with ecostyler gel. My curls were more defined. There was  a gloss that blended well with the ecostyler gel. Through trial and error I’ve managed to bend glycerine to my will.

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  1. Insightive piece. Hot oil is also good and can be a substitute for glycerine. Am a first time #TeamNatural.

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