How to have Hair with Volume


When I looked in the mirror after years of chemically processing , my hair was flat, lifeless. It did not reflect the person I felt inside-alive, with personality, passionate with character…in other words it had no volume. If you are still reading this, you are like me, you want your hair to have  extra oomph.  This article is for you someone who wants to learn how to have voluminous hair.

And here are possible reasons why your hair is thin:

  • Is your hair chemically processed?Then it is probably over processed
  • Are you transitioning to natural hair?Then you have weak thin processed ends
  • Are you the only one in your family with thin hair?If not, then it’s probably genetics
  • Are you on any medication?Is hair thinning a side effect?Hypertension and High Blood Pressure medication has that side effect
  • Are you using heat every other day?Direct heat can cause thinness and breakage of hair.
  •  Are you constantly blow drying your hair every other day or week?Extreme heat -232 °C-I wouldn’t even bake a cake in such heat, will break the bonds of your hair and cause heat damage
  • Are you stressed?We are what we feel on the inside.
  • Other possible reasons-poor diet,  not drinking enough water, tight breads and weaves.

Now that you know why you hair is thin, here is how to add volume:

Go natural-Who are we kidding?The most volumous hair is natural. Look at Erykah Badhu and Jill Scott. And this is for good reason. That’s the beauty  of Afro hair. Other races love the afro hair because of the thickness and volume it has.


Use your blow dryer properly i.e.with a heat protectant, at  cool temperatures and upside down-I know crazy right. Work from the roots and be gentle on the ends

Trim straggly split ends-if your transitioning or have chemically processed split ends. It’s time to give them a trim.

Use oils in deep conditioning. They give an appearance of thickness to your hair.

Finger style-coat your hands and fingers with oil to undo twists or braid outs to avoid frizziness. Lift section of the hair from the roots with to add volume.

Use an afro pick at the bottom of the roots and lift, this will give the illusion of volume.

How else do you add volume to your hair?Let’s share tips 🙂

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