How to clean your natural hair

Standard 1 natural hair class is a clean scalp

Why do we wash our natural hair?

This sounds like a silly question but when it comes to African natural hair there are a lot of weird and insane theories about how to grow natural hair long and how to keep it healthy. There was once a lady who had long hair and said the reason she has long waist-length hair was that she only washed her hair, once every year. Not only does this sound gross in my opinion but also no.

The scalp, like our other skin, gets greasy, sweaty, and dead skin. And just like your face, you can’t keep on slathering products. You also put yourself at risk for infections, and your hair just stays looking greasy or dull grey if you add more products, and of course, it has a “fragrant”

And here’s motivation for you

I’m a lazy natural, so washing my hair sounds absoIt’s also something I’ve built a habit of, so it now feels weird if I don’t. The trick is to not think about it too much. Get it done at least every week.

How long does it take me to wash my natural hair?

I keep my wash days simple, short and effective. What this means is that I try not to do too much on wash day other than focus on cleaning my scalp and hair. 20 minutes or less.

So what’s my natural hair cleaning process?

Wash day starts with a pre-poo. I do this because my ends get dry easily when shampooing. Applying pre-poo also starts the process of defining my natural hair curls. I first section my hair into 4 or 6 sections using duck clips. I apply pre-poo on each section, aiming at the ends of the hair. I let the pre-poo sit in for 30 minutes or more. When shampooing, I apply shampoo, focusing mostly on my scalp. It’s easier if you have parted your hair. Then apply the shampoo to the base of the hair. I use a scalp shampoo brush or fingertips to scrub.

What natural hair products do I use?

The good thing nowadays is that there are many natural hair cleaning products at different price ranges. It all depends on your budget. It all depends on your budget. Also when used properly alot goes along way. My favourites are Marini sulfate-free shampoo, Zerufi shampoo bar, Bentonite clay and African black soap.

You can also DIY your shampoo with Bicarbonate soda, ACV, lemon juice.

Lately I’ve also been using Silver shampoo

The natural hair tools I use

I use Section hair clips for sectioning hair to make shampooing easier, Scalp massage shampoo brush stimulates blood flow, a satin hair bonnet for pre-poo and a clean old t-shirt is for drying my hair.

Soooo….in summary!

Cleaning your hair is super important for natural hair management, pre-poo your ends to get softer more defined ends, rinse and repeat at least every 5 days to have a healthy scalp and hair.


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