Transitioning to Natural Hair: How to be Naturally Confident


Hair plays an important role in our self image.That is why transitioning to natural hair can be tricky. There were times in the past when I asked myself, “What was going through my mind when I decided to this?”

Here how to transition to natural hair in a confident way:

Develop Hair-steem

There is a strong correlation between hair and self-esteem. Think of the time when your hair dresser gave you the ‘hairstyle of the year’. How did it make you feel?Sexy?Alluring?Confident?All the above?Processed or unprocessed, natural or transitioning, your hair is your crown and you are a Queen. Embrace it. Accept positive comments about it and ignore negative.

Confidence Tip :Think of the best qualities your hair has everyday when you look in the mirror.Write them down as a form of acknowledgement.

Join the Natural Hair Community

It’s human nature to have a desire to belong..something happens when we join a group of like-minded individuals. We feel like ‘wow…they so get me’. It  encourages us to take the first step into being the person we want to be. With community comes support. Hair naturalistas are helpful and supportive and they are easily available on Facebook, Instagram and yes me.  You can start by liking Kenyan Curl Facebook Page

Confidence Tip: Join natural hair groups on Facebook and Instragram. Ask questions, read tips, develop hair crushes…it’s fun to belong 🙂

Big Chop

Im gonna keep it real ladies…dealing with the two textures as you transition can be tough. You can’t always braid or weave (read traction alopecia) and all that braiding, weaving, wigs can be costly. You might also not be confident with the way  your hair looks(remember the two texture story). In such cases…I would strongly recommend big chop. With Big Chop you may feel like you are more in co ntrol of your hair.

Confidence Tip: As you transition, envision yourself with your natural afro?how does it look?how is the texture?what simple styles do you see yourself doing?

Educate others

As my natural hair grew someone asked me candidly, so what will you do when your hair get’s longer. I simply said. err…nothing. That is the way God intended it to be. When you go natural you will get questions such as ‘why did you go natural?’, ‘why does your hair look like this?’, ‘when are you gonna retouch hair?’

It’s time to educate on hair. Answer questions honestly about what your idea of healthy hair is.

Confidence Tip: Share a post weekly, daily if you can about your hair journey. You’ll be surprised at the support you will get.

Get Clarification

As you transition here are a few questions you need to ask yourself. There are no right or wrong answers, just your answers.  By answering them, it will give you more clarity on transitioning to natural hair.

1. Do you really want to have natural hair?Why?

2. What are your hair goals?

3. What’s your definition of a ‘good hair day’?

4. What is your definition of healthy hair?

5. What do you think it takes to have healthy hair?

6. What styles do you think you can rock in order to transition and still be confident e.g weaves, wigs, braids, faux locs

7. How long do you think you can transition before BC?

8. How often do you want to cut off your relaxed ends?

9. How often do you want to style your hair…weekly, monthly etc

Are you ready to start on your natural hair journey?Do you want to transition to natural hair but you don’t know where to start?Do you want soft and manageable natural hair?Our natural hair consultations can help. Find out if you qualify…. Learn more



    • Trimming scissors are available at Supercosmetics. You can slowly trim off your relaxed ends when it’s convinient for you. Dont use normal scissors as they will give you split ends.

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