How I make my hair curly and the products I use?

I recently got a message in my inbox. It was short and sweet. “How do you have curly hair?”

To be honest, there are so many answers to this question, I dont even know where to start but I will try as much as possible to provide all the information on how to have the best curly hair. 

Okay what does it take to have curly hair?

So curly hair depends on first on genetics. If you have the genetic predisposition i.e. science talk for if it runs in your family then you have curly hair. Based on your hair curl types you can have waves, coils, spirals, ringlets.

This nice white lady here has ringlets:

So first step to having curly hair is….drumroll please…you must have naturally curly hair for you to

So that we’ve established that you have curly hair you can now understand curl definition. This is because curl products cannot change your natural hair type. Products are designed to enhance and help define your natural hair type. So eco styler gel on a Hair type 3a is going to look different on a 4c hair type. For me, I have a mixture of different hair types. Im a combination of 4a, 4b 4c. This is the beauty of all-natural hair. Everyone’s natural hair is different, unique and beautiful and curling products are for enhancing your natural hair texture.  

To change your hair type it means using chemicals to change the bond of the hair to either curl the bond. White people call this a perm. Or to loosen the curl…using the relaxer/straightner treatment. 

Natural hair curl products do not change the bond of the hair rather enhance and define the curl more.

My best curl definition process 

Ive been the curly since 2014 and this so for is the best process I’ve found for maximum curl definition

Undo hair, apply shampoo, wash, rinse, apply conditioner or deep conditioner, hot oil, detangle, leave conditioner for 30mins, rinse with lukewarm water,  dry until damp, section hair, apply the product on each section, comb through, style using twists or braidout, let hair dry, comb out and style

Ecostyler Gel (Kshs. 699)


Aunt Jackie’s Flaxseed Gel (Kshs. 895)


Cantu Curling Cream (Kshs. 895)



To be natural is to understand, accept and embrace and love your curls. It takes time, its a process undoing of your definition of what is beautiful curly hair. That’s why we call it a natural hair journey. So dont focus on social media posts on curly hair. Rather try out the products that define your curlt

What are your best products for curl definition?


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