Do You Have What it takes to have Natural Hair?

To manage natural hair you will need the right mindset….

For most women, a big chop is a way of starting fresh and wearing your natural hair curls for the first time completely, but it takes guts… serious lady cajones (cahones) big chop your hair into natural hair. I was scared too even though I knew my hair was unhealthy overprocessed, thin with split ends. It was affecting my self-esteem and confidence. I hated that, this is because I wasn’t the inner vibrant sexy female that I was not reflecting outwards. Something drastic needed to happen so after doing a lot of research, asking myself questions, I stopped relaxing my hair, later on, I big chopped into natural hair. I’ve been natural for over 5 years and what I’ve learnt the most is that your attitude will determine your altitude.

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Your mindset is a summary of those beliefs, ideas and attitudes. Your mindset will determine how successful you are on your natural hair journey. Having a growth mindset is having the belief that your abilities to have natural hair can be developed while having a fixed mindset is believing that your natural hair is “ugly” and believing that you are not good at managing your own hair and that you will never this ability no matter what you do.

Those with a growth mindset believe they can always improve, catch up or even surpass others on their natural hair journey.They also believe that most abilities required to manage their natural hair are developed. Having a growth mindset makes a difference between giving up, relaxing hair again or having healthy natural hair for the rest of your life.

Growth mindset naturalistas value what they are doing regardless of the outcome. They love to learn and are resilient. Meanwhile, fixed mindset curly girls give up easily and are afraid of challenges. Everything is about the outcome for a fixed mindset girl and if she fails, she considers having natural hair “a waste of time”.

To be a true naturalista, you must be ready to charter into a sea of unknown. Some of us haven’t seen our natural hair since the Kibaki-era so having natural hair is almost like trekking a whole new territory. And in as much as you will watch all the Youtube videos you can, you will try and failing is part of the game until you’ve set up a routine that makes you feel confident in your natural hair. You also have to be open to doing your hair in a different way, using different products and setting up new routines so there is a learning curve and you make mistakes.

Learning curve to managing natural hair
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So how do you develop this natural hair mindset.?

STEP #1: Awareness. Awareness is the most important tool to developing a growth mindset. Notice when you are playing it “safe”

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STEP #2: Acknowledge and embrace your natural hair in all its glory.

STEP #3: Track your progress.

STEP #4: Reach out for guidance and ask questions.

STEP #5Tackle the small elements of having a natural game. Break your tasks into small tasks and you will master and grow in confidence. When you can clearly achieve a small task such as softer hair, manageable hair, curl definition, wash day.

STEP5#: Focus and celebrate your wins and reflect on what worked and what to improve on.

STEP #6:Try different learning tactics. There is no one-size-fits-all model for learning.

STEP#7: View the challenges as opportunity for self-improvement.

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It takes guts…serious lady balls to cut your hair. Get into the right mindset help and enjoy the journey

If you are still struggling with your mindset, here are 2 good books to help:

Growth Mindset by Carole Dweck

Grit by Angela Duckworth

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