About Kenyan Curl


Who am I?

Hey there, I’m Rahab. I’m a force of creative energy that is looking to unleash on the Universe. I love expressing myself through writing, and I love talking about natural hair.

How long have I had natural hair?

I’ve had natural hair since 2014. That makes it over 9 years. I am proud to have natural hair.


How does it feel to have 9 years of natural hair?

It feels great to have had natural hair for over 9 years. I decided to cut my relaxed thin strands of hair in 2014. I had grown tired of my relaxed hair. I didn’t like it. It was thin and sparse, and I didn’t feel confident when l looked in the mirror. Every time I went to get my hair done, I would feel so depressed because I could just feel it thinning and breaking. I remember one day staring at my hair in my bathroom. I had just paid Ksh. 3000 for a retouch at the salon. I felt so defeated… the hair on my head was not matching who I was inside… strong, vivacious, creative. Where was that happy little 8-year-old with two afro puffs, dubbed “pussycat style”? ” I swore that day, staring in the mirror, that I would find a way back to those afro puffs. And guess what? I did.

Am I an expert on natural hair?

Yes. I’m a natural hair expert. I’ve had natural hair for a little over 9 years. I have good hair days, bad hairs. I’ve tried every product and tool that i can  

Why do I write about natural hair?

I started this blog in 2014. Can you believe it? That was a super long time ago. I did it because there was not a lot of info on how to have natural hair, how to transition, etc. But little did I know that natural hair is not about getting the right products or style. It’s about having confidence in your hair and believing that you are just the way you are. I wanted to share my true authentic feelings about my natural hair journey in the hope that it will inspire, uplift, motivate, and bring positivity to having natural hair. There is still a lot of stigma against natural hair. I know this because, sometimes women still ask me, “How do you have natural hair?” or “You are so brave to have natural hair”. The information and knowledge have increased, but the fear and insecurities have still remained the same. So that’s why I’m still here, still writing this. 


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