About Kenyan Curl

Kenyan Curl is not just about natural hair…I mean I wish that was the only problem women faced. Kenyan curl is about what’s important to me and what’s important to Kenyan women. It’s about showing what we as women go through. It’s not about my “perfect” life or my “perfect” natural hair… It is about the journey, the challenges we face,…and maybe you face them too? It is also about what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced…and maybe this will help you too? This website is not going to be perfect but its gonna get done. Its gonna be raw, real and honest. This website is about facing the things I struggle with, the things we aspire to be and the things we love… and maybe you will find it relatable too?

Through this platform,  I hope to speak to the modern Kenyan woman with all her struggles. I want her to know that she is not alone and that it is going to be okay. As women lets build each other up rather than tear each other down!

And, I will try my darn hardest to be consistent 

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