4 Secrets to Keeping your Natural Hair Resolutions 2016-Success Guranteed


Happy New Year, Naturalistas…wait is it too late to say that? It’s that time of the year where we set up new year resolutions…and fail. But never fear, here are 4 secrets to keeping your Natural hair goals for 2016.

#1. Keep’em trouble-free

The reason why people don’t keep their new year resolutions because they set unrealistic and complicated goals. They then fail, get frustrated and give up. Set up simple goals that are achievable. My two goals last year was:

Go heat-free

Create two DIYs  for soft manageable hair

Henna Gloss DIY for Soft and Shiny Hair

DIY Hot Oil Treatment

#2. Plan, plan, plan

Goals that have a plan result in guaranteed success. So I set up a plan. My plan was simple.

Goal: Go Heat-free

Plan: Give blow dryer to sister so it is out of sight and out of mind.

Goal: Learn 2 DIYs and do them at home

Plan: Read up on DIYs and create simple but effective DIYs with products that are easily available.

Set up a plan that will be in line with your goals. Share your plan with a friend. It will hold you accountable.  Look at it on a monthly basis to find out how you are doing and to consider that challenges you are facing with that particular goal.

#3. Seek out natural hair experts

There are many blogs, Facebook pages and websites that offer natural hair advice. Follow them on social media. Keep reading them to gain confidence and knowledge. Subscribe to their mailing lists/newsletters to get articles directly into your inbox. Reading these websites helps me stay motivated on my hair journey. My fav’s that have helped me learn about natural hair and more are:



Tricia’s Naturals (on Facebook)


You can also get a lot of styling tips from natural hair vloggers on Youtube. These naturalista Youtubers have varying textures and hair lengths. They offer awesome tips on styling. Find a vlogger who has similar hair to yours and learn tips on how to manage your hair.

#4. Set your hair budget

Knowing how much money you can spend on your hair will let you know which products to buy, how many times you should go to the salon, when you should DIY at home etc.  If you stick to a budget you’ll avoid being stuck with 20 conditioners catching dust in your cupboard.

This year I’m plan on being lean and mean. My hair budget for 2016: Kshs. 1500.


Need help setting up your natural hair goals?I’m here to help.


Have an Awesome 2016

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