What Kenyan men want for Valentine…I did a survey!


The results are in, ladies !

I’ve always just found it so difficult to buy gifts for the men in my life. The gifts that I always thought would blow their mind were always super expensive or impossible to get in Nairobi e.g. like organize for my boyfriend to drive a Ferrari on the Autobahn in Germany. I mean that would be super cool but a little bit too extra. This actually used to give me anxiety. I feel Valentine’s day puts a lot of pressure on couples. So I did a quick survey on the average Kenyan Joe in Nairobi.


Here’s what they want on the dreaded V-day.

“Something that would embody effort. A sappy gift that shows appreciation, who  I am, what, I want, where Im.. a sign that shows that you pay attention to where Im at in life and what I’m trying to achieve and you are trying to help me get there” Patrick, 26 years, Lawyer

“Spending all day with the person. Plan the day equitably. Sharing the plan of the day. Create meaningful experiences for both of us. It should be a time to remember the memories. It should not just be a man planning this day. Trying to enjoy as a couple. Maybe a SPA day or a weekend getaway. It should also be a time for purposeful conversation. A time to reflect the highs, lows,. Don’t let time fly by without having that conversation. Practice words of affirmation.” Andy, 30years, Political Public Policy consultant, in a 2 year relationship

“Going out for dinner” Chris, 45, Accountant, married

“It should be a special day for love birds. Focus on the simple things. Sit with me. Tell me the reasons why you love me over a romantic meal which I will cook my best dish-biriyani. Im from Coast” Amos, 28yrs, software developer, in a 2-year relationship

“If she pays the rent for the month. That will make my day” Victor, 32, Marketing Consultant, married for 3 years

“I don’t recognise this holiday but I would love to be taken out to a nice place with good food, maybe a nice cologne, some sex..no flowers please” Kamau, Entrepreneur, 32, single



“I don’t get Valentines. I don’t celebrate valentines or even birthdays. Bryan, Quality Assurance Manager, 31 years.

What I learnt so far:

  • Kenyan men are pretty low-key when it comes to Valentine’s day.
  • Bryan sucks
  • Experience is more important than gifts.
  • Secretly men want this day to not be about spending exorbitant amounts of money
  • Secretly men want the weight of planning this day off their shoulders. He will be happier if you can do the planning for this day.
  • Secretly men just want to get laid onValentines.
  • Getting that “perfect negligee” ain’t that serious to him.
  • And Bryan super sucks…

So if you are a lady trying to please her man today, TAKE CHARGE,  focus on having GREAT nooky time rather than gifts.


You’re welcome, ladies. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day





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